The Ozark Trail Association needs the skill sets of volunteers for both on and off the trail activities. If you're interested in getting involved with any of the committees or possibly taking any of the positions listed below, we are always looking for new members. Just click on the committee chairperson or any of the positions listed. We appreciate your help! If you are interested in participating in any of our scheduled events as an event volunteer please go to our events page and select an event for you.

Construction and Maintenance

Responsible for managing, planning and executing all trail construction and maintenance activities. The C&M committee works directly with land agencies, land owners and volunteers to create new trail and to keep existing trail open and navigable.

Chair: April Scott
AAT Coordinator: Kathie Brennan
Sawyer Coordinator: Mark Goforth
Chief Cook: Jeff Goetter
Construction Coordinator: Brad Brockmeier
Round Springs Project Manager: Mark Seesing
Training Coordinator: Tom Kornberger

Other roles that fall under this area are: AAT Section Coordinators, Mega coordinator, Event Coordinators, Crew Managers, Crew Leaders, and Sawyers. Contact Us if you are interested in working on the Construction and Maintenance committee.


Responsible for publications including the annual magazine, quarterly newsletter and other printed and electronic materials for the OTA. Comm comm also oversees the OTA website, assists in creating promotional materials for events, and press releases.

Chair: Ken Kurtz
Editor, email bulletin: Abi Jackson
Graphics Designer: Abi Jackson
OTA Website, Trip Planner and Forum: Todd Horn
Editor, Electronic and Print Media: Tim Rigg

Other roles that fall under this area are: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter media Editors. Contact Us if you are interested in working on the Communications committee.


Responsible for all master planning associated with pre trail construction.

Chair: Roger Allison


Works on raising money for trail and organization operations including grant proposals, membership funds, sponsorships, donations, special programs from agencies and related funding sources.

Chair: Abi Jackson

Contact Us if you are interested in working on the Fundraising committee.


Supports the general operations of the association.

Office Manger: Abi Jackson
Volunteer Recorder: Jeff Goetter
Volunteer Coordinator: Ken Kurtz
Tool Manager: Scott Hayden

Other roles that fall under this area are: Facilities Manager, Tool Manager, Vehicles Manager, Membership Coordinator, Recognition & Incentives, Merchandise Coordinator. Contact Us if you are interested in working on administrative functions.

Education and Outreach

Manages promotional events, speaking engagements, volunteer recruitment, workshops, and develops, schedules, and staffs educational programs and events.

Chair: Ken Kurtz
Education Coordinator: Dave Tobey
Outreach Coordinator: Ken Kurtz
Scouting Coordinator: Don Schulte
College Coordinator: Dave Tobey
Springfield Area Coordinator: Phyllis Chancellor
Arcadia Valley Ambassador: Don Schulte
Pacific Riverwalk Ambassador: Ken Kurtz

Contact Us if you are interested in working on the Education Outreach committee.

Special Events

Coordinates, organizes, and executes special events outside the normal committee functions.

Trivia Night Director: Don Schulte
OT100MTB Race Director: Ken Kurtz
OT Challenge Hike Director: Steve Liescheidt