Eleven Point Section

Great vistas and a visit to the cool Eleven Point make this a favorite section.

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The trail leaves the 3152 trailhead, winding along the side slopes to Hurricane Creek. The crossing may be unsafe to use during high water periods. The first 10 miles pass through very rugged slopes and hollows associated with the Eleven Point National Scenic River. Several fine views of the Eleven Point valley are present. From the Greer Recreation area, at mile 10, the trail parallels the Eleven Point River on its way to McCormack Lake. There is a fine picture opportunity at the mouth of Greer Spring and an excellent bluff view of the river near mile 12. A spur leads to McCormack Lake at mile 13. Continuing west, the trail winds through the rugged Eleven Point terrain and offers two more contacts with the river. Near mile 20, the trail passes next to Bockman Spring, which is part of the Spring Creek drainage. All spring water should be treated before use. The westernmost 10 miles of the trail are in the Spring Creek drainage and offer occasional views of the creek and bottom fields.

Current Trail Conditions

As of 05/10/2017, the condition is:

Recent floods may have parts of this section unusable. Please report any damage that you may encounter.

Otherwise, this section is in great shape, but expect some flood damage and seasonal growth especially on the river route east of Greer.

The trail from Hurricane Creek west to Greer Recreation Area along the "lower route" has heavy stinging nettle growth in the summer, so be prepared. This can be a beautiful area to travel in the summer, but summer growth combined with heat, humidity and insects can detract from its beauty. There are some tread issues on the lower route just east of Greer Recreation Area plus some erosion issues near Bockman Spring.

This trail can be a great adventure in the summer with swimming and fishing opportunities along the Eleven Point River, but it's not a "walk in the park."

Trail Statistics



Distance:29 miles
Difficulty:Moderate to Difficult

Campgrounds: Greer Springs, McCormack Lake. Primitive camping is allowed in the Mark Twain forest (100' from trail)

Total Ascent:3000' E-to-W; 3100' W-to-E (refers to total gain of all climbs on trail)
Topo Quads:Greer, Piedmont, Thomasville


Trailheads and Directions
3152 Trailhead
From Winona, MO...
Head south on MO-19 for 14.9 mi.
Turn left on FR-3152 and continue for 5.6 mi. to trailhead.

Alternate Route...
From the intersection of US-60 and Hwy J, head south for 9 mi.
Turn right on FR-3152 and follow for 5.9 mi. to trailhead.

Greer Trailhead
From Winona, MO...
Head south on MO-19 for 16.5 mi.
Turn left into Greer Recreation Area. Campground, Trailhead, and parking is to the right.

McCormack Lake Trailhead
From Winona, MO...
Head south on MO-19 for 12.8 mi.
Turn right on to CR-3155 and follow for 2 mi to McCormack Lake.
The trail begins near the dam.

Eleven Point Western Trailhead
From Thomasville, MO...
Head north on MO-99 for 3.2 mi.
Turn right on CR-430 / FR-3173 and follow for 2 mi.
Turn left on FR-4155 and follow for about 1 mile to trailhead.

From Winona, MO...
Head west on US-60 for 5.3 mi.
Turn left on FR-3173 and continue for 13.7 mi..
Turn right on FR-4155 and follow for about 1 mile to trailhead.
Eleven Point 1
Miles 0 to 15

Eleven Point 2
Miles 15 to 29


Button Bush

Cat Tails



Greer Boat Launch - Eleven Point Section

Hurricane Creek - Eleven Point Section

Hurricane Creek - Eleven Point Section

Highway 19 Bridge - Eleven Point Section



Lower Route along the Eleven Point


Eleven Point River

Eleven Point River

Upper Route along the Eleven Point

US Forest Service
Mark Twain National Forest
Eleven Point District

Eleven Point District Office
Hwy 19
Winona, MO 65588
(573) 325-4233