Planning A Trip And Looking For Others To Join You?

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Planning A Trip And Looking For Others To Join You?

Postby ToddH » Fri May 10, 2013 5:12 pm

We all know that hiking is more fun with someone else but it can be difficult to find a partner. After being asked if there was any sort of "bulletin board" folks could use to find hiking partners we determined that the forum was a natural place for such a thing. If you've planned a trip and want to invite other like-minded folks along just create a new post in the appropriate board (Hiker, Biker, or Equestrian). For best results you'll want to be specific about where, when, and how long your trip will be. Ambiguous requests ("Anyone want to go hiking next weekend?") will likely generate fewer responses. Anything goes, from day trips to thru-hikes. And you're encouraged to post a trip report when you return to let us know how it went!
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