Mountain Lion Sighting - Taum Sauk

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Mountain Lion Sighting - Taum Sauk

Postby BigCat » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:32 am

Here's a copy of the report I sent to the MDC mountain lion response team. I didn't get any video or other sign so they aren't investigating, but I thought others should know.


While backpacking on the Taum Sauk section of the Ozark trail approximately 7 trail miles east of johnson shut-ins, we had two encounters with a suspected mountain lion. The first was at around midnight on July 1. I awoke to loud quick quadruped steps heading towards us in the dry leaves and grass near our backcountry campsite on the east side of Ketcherside Mountain. This was a semi-established campsite with a well built fire ring and clearing for a tent, about 40 yards from the trail in a rocky and grassy clearing. I woke my partner and we immediately made noise in the tent. The animal slowed to a walk, gave an extremely low growl, and slowly walked around and beyond our campsite. It was not quick to scare off.

At approximately 7am this morning, July 2, we had a clear sighting of a mountain lion. We were approximately half a mile towards johnson shut-ins on the OT from our campsite. About 30 to 40 yards to the left of the trail we saw a yellow big cat—no spots— leap and run away downhill (south of the trail). There was no brush obscuring our view and plenty of light. It was about the size of an adult labrador. There were no further sightings during the remainder of our hike.

We are merely backcountry enthusiasts, so unfortunately we didn’t have the skills to look for scat or other sign. After returning home we looked for pictures and recordings of the mountain lion and growl, and we are now extremely confident that this was a mountain lion. I hope this helps.

Best regards
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