Middlefork downed trees 12/1/13

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Middlefork downed trees 12/1/13

Postby MashOr » Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:42 am

GPS wasn't cooperating but here is my best list of chainsaw worthy trees from DD/32 going south.

Clear down to Adam's Creek/CR72.
There is one down within 1 mile going south of Adam's Creek/CR72. Here is my best guess. 37°40'32.82"N 90°59'56.78"W
And another just south of there, 3 or 4 could slide it down the hill. Users can slip past it. 37°40'16.99"N 91° 0'6.82"W
One down just North of Barton Fen Bypass, below switchback. .2 miles from Neals Creek Road. 37°39'1.42"N 91° 4'22.33"W
The next tree is between Neals Creek and Buick Rd closer to Buick Rd just north of the creek crossing. 37°37'34.61"N 91° 3'1.20"W
The next is just south of Buick Rd not far. This one could be pulled off with 3 or 4 thugs. We at least go it passable. 37°37'6.26"N 91° 3'30.21"W
A big one down just north of the weedy ridge top, north of Strother Creek. There is a second smaller one in there??? 37°35'49.19"N 91° 3'44.17"W
A big one not far from CR837 on the west side between the lowest switchbacks. 37°34'55.55"N 91° 3'14.58"W
One down just south of the south memorial. 37°34'18.88"N 91° 2'34.62"W

I'm sorry but this is just from memory and I'm sure I missed some. We cleared a dozen or so by hand(s).

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