Eleven Point: Greer west to FS 4153

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Eleven Point: Greer west to FS 4153

Postby Jasper » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:03 pm

12/26/17 - 12/27/17

The ridge trail west from Greer is in good shape with only a few minor deadfalls. As Jim reported in November, the lowland trail west is essentially impassable.

Sawyer work was evident on the ridge between McCormack hollow and Becky hollow as well as in Becky hollow. Thank you OTA volunteers!

Only once did I encounter a deadfall which was challenging to duck under with my frame pack - I want to way it was in the North end of Becky hollow. Apologies if I have misremembered.

Water was unsurprisingly scarce. After Eleven Point access at Duncan hollow, small amounts of water were available in the north end of Becky hollow. However it looked very still and was beginning to freeze on the 27th. Would probably do I a pinch, but not worth counting on.

Beautiful section of trail!
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