Karkaghne Hwy P/72 to Sutton Bluff

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Karkaghne Hwy P/72 to Sutton Bluff

Postby jgoelleraka930 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:19 pm

I day-hiked from Hwy P/72 to Sutton Bluff this last Tuesday. The trail was mostly easy to follow, seasonally overgrown in places(though I expected this), and surprisingly didn't have any trees down despite the recent storms.

I had my wife drop me off at the trailhead on P Hwy and I set out around 10 am on Tuesday. I usually don't like hiking this time of year but the weather was too nice to pass up. Before I set out, I treated my hiking pants, shoes, socks, pack, and hiking shirt with permethrin and spray my arms and legs with picaridin. Throughout the 17 to 18 miles I hiked, I didn't get a single embedded tick, although I saw hundreds crawling on my pants. Ticks are really, really bad this year and I never have a problem after treating my clothes.

The first 4 miles of trail were a pretty easy, enjoyable hike with all of the wildflowers blooming now. There were signs of flooding around the dry creek beds but the trail was in great shape. Some areas were relatively overgrown during the first 10 miles but the trail was always easy to follow and these overgrown sections didn't last long. The last 6 miles from mile 17 "stream" on the map until Sutton Bluff were the most overgrown and I had to definitely slow my pace in these areas. The crossing at Bee Fork was very confusing based on the map and the flood damage. It took me 15 minutes to find the trail once crossing the creek. The trail is on the north bend of the river and not the south as on the map. There is also a lot of flood damage and logs at the crossing. I made it to the bridge at Sutton Bluff at around 5:30, took a break at the campground, then had a much deserved swim in the river. Overall, the trail is in great shape despite the recent storms and flooding and I had a ton of fun on my hike.
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