1st Time Hiker Question

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1st Time Hiker Question

Postby Waldo » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:49 pm

OT Folks: You have a wonderful website and I can't wait to experience the trail!

I'm planning a March 12-15 trip with my college daughter and boyfriend for spring break. We are both experienced with several trips to Wind Rivers and our Minnesota Superior Hiking Trail.

I'm looking at doing the Bell Mountain to Barton Fen route. Take a short 1st day camping at top of Bell Mountain, 2nd day camp at Trace Creek intersection, and 3rd day camp above Wolfpen Hollow waterfalls. Hike out on Day 4. We use tents and not hammocks.

I really appreciate any feedback on this plan and these questions:

1) Is it okay to leave a vehicle at Barton Fen? It sounds like there is not an official parking lot. Is there a better place to leave a car?
2) The folks at Koinania resort sound really friendly and will shuttle the three of us for $1.35/mile. That seems very reasonable.

Thanks OT Forum !
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Re: 1st Time Hiker Question

Postby Jim » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:19 pm

Solid trip. March will be a good time. Spring will have the woodlands alive, and most likely the stream crossings more than a trickle.

A hundred yards or so North of the Trace/MiddleFork intersection is a nice camp site on the East side of the trail.

Johnson shutin's and Brush Creek Lodge also offer shuttles.

As for parking at Barton Fen... There is room to park on the north side near the boulders. I would think you would be better off parking on the southern side of the fen. Just don't block the road, as I think that little side road is private past the low water bridge. Bell North is a good parking lot.
Sunrise on Bell mtn is spectacular.
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Re: 1st Time Hiker Question

Postby Waldo » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:14 am

Thanks Jim!
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