Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

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Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby kslongrider » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:15 pm

Ozark Trail 75/100 Endurance Ride 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

100- Mile Ride & 75- mile with an Elevator option!

The Ozark Trail 75/100 has been a tough nut to crack. For several years we have tried to have
it in the Spring and over the years torrential rains and record heat, one year, have made the
ride extremely difficult. It was last held in 2013 with a 66% completion rate in the 100 and a
12.5% completion in the 75 over 20 miles of accessible trail. In 2014 Paul Sidio was going to manage the
ride and just ran out of time and help to make it happen. 2015 was a wash with not enough entries to make it go.
2016 has ride date conflicts with the AHA Distance Nationals and ANCER in Oklahoma.In 2017 the ride goes on
even if I'm riding it alone! This has become a personal quest, to complete this trail challenge over the original
trail layout.

So here’s the deal: On September 23, 2017 we will have an AERC and OCER sanctioned 75
mile elevator and 100 mile endurance ride on the Ozark Trail starting at Bass River Resort
near Steelville, MO and ending at Brushy Creek Lodge & Resort near Black, MO. This ride
is an honest 75/100 miles point to point ride over a mostly single track challenging trail. This
will be a no frills ride and if you complete the 100 miler you will have earned your belt
buckle. This will be pretty much a "No Frills" kind of ride but it is worth it for this kind of trail!

Trail Conditions: The trail is mostly single track on the Ozark Trail. There are lots of rocks,
knee knockers, twists and turns. It is a technical trail to ride but there are places to make time.
Night ridden trails will be minimally marked with glow sticks and reflective ribbons. The trail is also permanently
marked and it will also be minimally flagged where needed. We will provide trail updates on
trail conditions as we approach the ride date at:

If you enter the 75 mile ride you will have the choice to finish after 75 miles with placement
or to elevate and continue on to earn a 100 mile completion and buckle with no placement.
Fees: The entry fee is $150 for the 75 and the 100 which includes the buckle if you complete
the 100. Pre-entries are required so that we can provide adequate support for our riders.
Entries will be due by 9/9/2017. We need to know our numbers to have enough vets and supplies.
No risk entry, if you can’t ride we’ll destroy your check or mail it back to you if you send a SASE.

Location: We will be starting at Bass River resort just outside Steelville, MO
www.bassresort.com . We will be finishing both the 75 and 100 at Brushy Creek Lodge and
Resort near Black, MO www.brushycreeklodge.com/ Please contact both establishments for
your reservations. Both have electric and water sites. You will need to set up pens for your
horses at Bass River in primitive camping and Brushy Creek has stalls. There are also cabins
available at both ends of the trail and shower houses. Assistance with shuttling trucks and
trailers from the Start to Brushy Creek will be available. Maps and directions will be
provided for your crews. If you don't have a crew we will deliver your supplies to the vet
checks for you.

Rules/Regulations: This ride will be conducted in accordance with AERC rules & regulations
(http://www.aerc.org/upload/Rules_Current.pdf) Riders must check in during roll call and be
on trail within 30 minutes of the start time. Time to meet pulse criteria at the finish is 30
minutes for all distances. The ride is open to all breeds of horses and mules.
Ride Manager: Barry Cole Cell (785)304-6915, Home (785)449-2612
18428 East 1st Street, Eskridge, KS 66423
Day manager: Linda Cole Cell (785)969-5629
Head Vet: Dr. Jeanie Hauser, Treatment Vet: TBD
Current Negative Coggins required for all equines. Current Health Certificate required for all
out of state horses
Riders are responsible for any vet fees that may be individually incurred.
Rider helmets are required and hoof protection is strongly advised. Shoes and hoof pads or
hoof boots will be your friend!
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby Jim » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:21 am

Seems like this date is stepping on the OT100 mountain bike race weekend. One of the largest fund raisers for the Ozark Trail Assn.
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby JenniferSmith » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:50 pm

Is this still something to plan for?
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby kslongrider » Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:05 pm

The date for the endurance ride was approved by the Forest Service last year. If there is or was a date conflict I am unaware of it but will contact the FS tomorrow to be sure.
Thanks for the heads up.
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby quazal » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:57 am

I was curious how many folks did this. We section hiked the Trace creek section going north and saw 7 folks pass by on Saturday.
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby Jim » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:01 pm

I stopped by DD/32 Sat mid day. They said 7 riders participated.
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Re: Ozark Trail Endurance Ride 2017

Postby quazal » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:30 pm

Interesting, that would be the count we had. Left from 32/DD headed north about 8:30 that morning, so just missed you by a few hours. Saw 5 in a group and then 2 about an hour later that day. It was nice for a change. I had yet to see anyone on the trail in our trips until this one.
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