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By: Abi Jackson
05/01/17 01:26:55 PM

Thanks to our volunteers, members, donors, and sponsors, OTA is one of the fastest growing, hardest-hitting trail organizations in the country! Here are a few highlights from 2016:

• Maintained over 360 miles of trail
• Completed the Berryman Trail re-route
• Held four-day spring event
• Brushed/mowed 150 miles of trail
• Completed 7-mile by-pass at Peck Ranch
• Built a portion of the Current River Trail
• Presented Trail Town Workshops 
• Conducted Trail Adventure Workshops
• Held biggest Mega Event ever
• Presented at NPS’s Junior Ranger Day
• Held Eminence Trail Town Celebration
• Co-sponsored Trail Skills College 
• Held 3rd Annual OT-100 Mtn Bike Race

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a successful year!

By: Abi Jackson
04/07/17 01:47:09 PM

Many areas trail users enjoy are also frequented by hunters. Hunting season dates vary from year to year so please check the dates at  before heading out to your favorite section of the Ozark Trail.

By: Abi Jackson
03/20/17 02:23:40 PM

The OTA wishes to thank Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO for a donation in the amount of $1,000 to support our efforts. Thanks Bass Pro! Your support is greatly appreciated!

By: Abi Jackson
03/03/17 08:23:11 AM

The Forest Service will be conducting a prescribed burn in the Upalika Pond area of the OT on Friday, March 3rd. 

The prescribed burn will impact the Ozark Trail and will cause temporary closure of this section.

See map for more details.