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Taum Sauk section open for adoption

By: Renee Wrest, AAT Coordinator
06/12/11 12:46:14 PM

Great news!  The Department of Natural Resources recently gave the OTA the go ahead to include this popular section of the Ozark Trail under the Adopt A Trail Program.  Ozark Trail volunteers now have the opportunity to adopt trail from the scenic Bell Mountain Wilderness area to Taum Sauk Mountain and beyond.

This area includes the spectacular Mina Sauk Falls, Johnson Shut-Ins, glades and outstanding rock formations, dramatic views and a diverse ecologial landscape.  There's a reason why this section is one of the most traveled sections of the Ozark Trail by hikers!  Johnson Shut-Ins State Park has been rebuilt, the Ozark Trail has been cleared of the 2009 storm damage and so it's time to enjoy, explore and contribute to this outstanding area.

We are very excited about this new development and ready to sign up new volunteers!  We have sections of varying lengths available so if you think you might be interested in this new opportunity check out the Adopt-A-Trail section of our website for more information and a contact e-mail address.