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Dog Tired

By: Kathie Brennan
09/18/12 02:58:57 PM

Whooping it Up in Winona proved to be a very productive and beneficial weekend as 40 OTA volunteers converged on the Between the Rivers section of the Ozark Trail. Those volunteers who are feeling a little sore and stiff are rightly so as over 31 miles of trail received upkeep from repairing tread, lopping, signing, sawing, swamping, and blowing leaves from the trail. Several miles of the BTR section is considered "orphaned" and the amount of work done along this section provided much needed maintenance and repairs. From the north end of BTR section at Skyline Road, the trail was "touched" in some way all the way to FR4120 to the west. Mother Nature was also nice enough to provide some wonderful spring weather making the wild flowers appear throughout the day which in turn made everyone appreciate being on the trail even more. Good news is that because of the concerns of some of our volunteers, two sections of the BTR was "adopted" this weekend.

After a long day out on the trail, volunteers enjoyed some down time around the campfire in anticipation of Chief Jeff's fulfilling meal that hit the spot. Yes, for many of our volunteers, it is a long drive to Winona but those in attendance agree that this is one of the best times on this part of the trail as well as seeing new faces which make for new friends. For our "southern" volunteers, this is one event that many look forward to attending because this part of the state offers "a little bit of heaven" that many volunteers normally don't get to see.

The OTA appreciates the time and effort of our volunteers who help to continue to make the OT the destination trail in the state of Missouri. As Scotty would say
."Happy trails to you, until we meet again!"