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By: Ken Kurtz
02/26/17 05:33:01 PM

With the recent election of new Board members and Officers there has been a subsequent change in committee membership.  We'd like to take this opportunity to invite new or old volunteers to participate on our committees.  There are always openings plus a need for new perspectives and ideas.  Don't worry, you won't be thrown to the wolves right off the bat.  You can just be a committee member until you decide you're ready to tackle a job or position.

The Construction and Maintenance committee specifically is looking to set a monthly meeting time and wants as much feedback as they can get to select a time convenient for the most members.  This is our largest committee and therefore needs the most assistance.  If you would like to help on the C&M committee April Scott is the committee chair and would love to hear from you at .

We have a need on the Fundraising committee for help in various approaches to raising funds.  Searching for donors, signing up sponsors, managing merchandise, or recruiting new members are all the responsibility of this committee.  If you think you could help here please contact the committee chair, Abi Jackson at

Education Outreach is charged with raising awareness of the OT and the OTA through presentations and setting up dsiplays and booths at many outdoor events.  We also repesent the OTA to other organizations and community activities.  Recruiting new members and increasing participation in our various trail events is a key aspect of outreach.  We conduct workshops to present skills to potential trail users as well as working with communities for economic development.  Please contact Ken Kurtz at

Communications is an old committee that we are currently rebuilding.  We have a strong need for anyone who likes to write.  If you're not confident of your writing abilities we have editors who can fix just about anything submitted.  Of course that means we could use more editors.  We have a real desire to create an OTA podcast of some type.  We could definitely use some skill with a camera, video editing, and hosts.  If you've always wanted to be on camera, here's your chance.  Please send a message to Tim Rigg at  He'll appreciate any help you can give.

No one gets turned down.  If you raise your hand we'll call on you.