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Bell Mountain (north lot to Highway A)
If you use a shuttle, this is the best day hike in the region. The wonderful view from Bell's peak is stunning. Hiking north-to-south makes for an easier trip.
Trip Overview
A great one-day escape! If you need a quick fix on the trail and can only get out for the day, this trip is your salvation. Pick up a shuttle from Highway A and start your trip at the north Bell Mountain trailhead. The trip follows a forested ridge at first and it may not seem that spectacular, but once you reach the summit of Bell the scenery changes quickly. Take one of the many side-trails to the rocky glades on the eastern side of Bell for stunning vistas of the St. Francois Mountains. This is a good spot for a snack or even lunch.

Once past the summit the trail again follows a forested ridge before joining the Taum Sauk Trail. Make a right and wind through a series of southwest-facing glades that overlook the Ottery Creek Valley. Keep a watchful eye for the rare Mead's Milkweed (in season). The trip ends at Highway A after 8 miles of pink rhyolite heaven!
Trail Conditions
It's always a good idea to know if there are any problems before you go. Make sure you check out our Trail Conditions page for the latest information.
Glade on Bell Mountain
Glade on Bell Mountain
Trip Summary
Trip Type:
Point to Point

8.4 Miles


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