Organization and Structure

Board Members   

The Ozark Trail Association is a volunteer support organization for the long-distance Ozark Trail. We are a grass-roots group established in December of 2003 to assist land stewards in the construction, maintenance, and promotion of the Ozark Trail by harnessing the volunteer spirit of trail users.

The Association is managed by its Board of Directors, with input from its membership. The existing Board will elect new Directors this January. We will hold an informational meeting for potential Directors on Tuesday, November 11th, 7pm at Powder Valley Nature Conservation Center in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Duties of A Board Member

There are currently two levels of participation: the Advisory Board and the Executive Board. All Directors are members of the Advisory Board, which meets four times a year to establish and monitor the major directives of the OTA. The Executive Board is comprised of Advisory Board members who manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association, and it meets at least once a month.

Advisory Board Director Responsibilities
  • Attend at least three of the four quarterly Board Meetings (the board meets on Saturday mornings at revolving locations near the Ozark Trail)
  • Assist in establishing annual goals for the OTA
  • Provide guidance to the Executive Board
  • Actively participate in meeting discussions
  • Vote on Board motions
  • Be a goodwill ambassador for the Ozark Trail and the OTA

The Advisory Board has up to 20 Directors who serve three-year terms. 1/3 of all Directors are elected each year. 

Executive Board Responsibilities

  • Baseline responsibilities are the same as Advisory Board Directors
  • Manages the day-to-day affairs of the Ozark Trail Association
  • Transacts usual business, including payments, collections, contracts, and communications
  • Maintains Association records, including accounting systems
  • Interfaces directly with Ozark Trail land stewards
  • Monitors and directs committees
  • The Executive Board meets at least monthly

The Executive Board consists entirely of Advisory Board members. The Executive Board is selected by the Advisory Board and can change over time.

OTA Board Director 10-Point List

What are a Director's tasks? It all comes down to the OTA's Mission Statement--  to develop, maintain, preserve, promote and protect the rugged, natural beauty of the Ozark Trail.  Here are 10 major tasks of the Board as derived from our Mission Statement:

  1) New trail construction
  2) Existing trail maintenance
  3) Trail  improvements (trailheads, signage, established campgrounds)

Preserve & Protect
  4) Biodiversity protection
  5) Backcountry experience

  6) Leave No Trace
  7) Public meetings & events
  8) Publish articles in newspapers & magazines
  9) Association / OT news via website & newsletters
  10) Promotional materials such as brochures, maps, books, flyers

How to Become a Director

If you agree with our Mission Statement, have the desire to help, and can commit to the Board schedule, you might consider becoming a Board Director. Your first step is to attend an informational meeting with the existing board, after which you make a request to be placed on the ballot for the January election. Any Ozark Trail Association members can become a Director. The current Board members vote on the new Directors at the Annual Meeting in January. Contact Roger Allison for further information.