Victory Section

This section was named after the old Victory School and incorporates a portion of the Victory Horse trails between Ellsinore and Hendrickson.

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The trail follows through heavy oak forests punctuated with small meadows. It can be accessed at Brush Arbor trailhead (Walton Chapel on the map) and Upalika Pond trailhead in the center of the section, plus the Wrangler trailhead to the east. Water is available near all trailheads except Wrangler, and in creeks along the trail. A three-mile gap separates this section from the Wappapello section. This section is maintained by the Ozark Trails Club with other local volunteers. Contact Fred Stenger for more information.

Current Trail Conditions

As of 05/10/2017, the condition is:
Open. Seasonal Growth.

Watch for the tornado damage between Hwy A and FR3551. It has been cleared and signed but isn't in the best shape. Expect seasonal growth. A re-route is currently being worked on and should be open later this year.

The rest of the trail, including the VHT, there is a tree down here and there and some seasonal growth. We have several really dedicated adopters that have signed up for this section and it is getting some extra love that was missing in the past. This section should stay in pretty good shape. 

Expect a tree down here and there, and some left over seasonal growth from last year.

Trail Statistics



Distance:19 miles

Primitive camping is allowed in the Mark Twain forest (100' from trail)

Total Ascent:1500' E-to-W; 1400' W-to-E (refers to total gain of all climbs on trail)
Topo Quads:Ellsinore, Williamsville


Trailheads and Directions
Brushy Creek Trailhead

Directions Coming Soon!

Brush Arbor / Walton Chapel Trailhead

Directions Coming Soon!

Upalika Pond Trailhead

Directions Coming Soon!

Victory School House Trailhead

Directions Coming Soon!

Wrangler Trailhead

Directions Coming Soon!

Victory 1
Miles 0 to 5

Victory 2
Miles 5 to 13

Victory 3
Miles 13 to 19

US Forest Service
Mark Twain National Forest
Poplar Bluff District

Poplar Bluff District Office
1420 Maud St
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
(573) 785-1475